Servicing / Mercedes


 Our Mercedes service package is paramount and offers

  • Reductions in excess of half of main dealer prices.
  • All of our mechanics are ex-Mercedes Benz and are fully trained in every aspect of Mercedes maintenance and tuning.
  • Servicing is available at only £79.50 per hour + VAT and offers substantial reductions even when it comes to original Mercedes parts. We offer you the choice to select the replacement part quality, but always suggest original is the best.
  • Irrespective of whether your Mercedes is due for a Group A or B service, we will always aim to have the vehicle back within the same day. 
  • We can fit K&N High flow air filters* when carrying out servicing. They not only offer a performance gain and a reduction in fuel consumption, but also last up to six years which is a good cost saving on annual servicing! Please contact us for pricing to include K&N high flow air filters in your service.
  •  We only use the finest quality appropriate Synthetic oils when servicing your vehicle. This means enhanced performance and longevity of your engine!
  • All service books are stamped and your manufacturer’s warranty will remain valid

Group A and B servicing

Group A

Group A is a basic lubrication service and the predominant feature of this service is checking the vehicle over as it is classed as an intermediary service. The vehicle is also cleaned inside and out.

Group B

Includes the changing of oil filters and oil change, air filters, anti-freeze, gearbox checks, transmission fluids and topping up or replacing of lubricants*. In addition the vehicle is checked over thoroughly and the vehicle cleaned inside and out.


MOT’s are priced at £54.85


Diagnostics is charged FROM £79.50 + Vat. We have full Mercedes diagnostics equipment which is up to date and diagnoses all early to current models.


Engine type

Service A Prices FROM Excluding Vat (£)

Service B Prices FROM Excluding Vat (£)

All Class

4 Cylinder



All Class

6 Cylinder



All Class

8 Cylinder excl. AMG



All Class

V12 excl. AMG



AMG models

4 Cylinder



AMG models

6 Cylinder



AMG models

V8 engines



AMG models

V12 engines




Brake Fluid

We also offer Brake Fluid Changes which are charged FROM £79.50 + Vat incl. fluid and labour.

Gearbox Fluid

Gearbox fluid change is charged from £279.00 + Vat including original Mercedes parts and labour.

All prices listed above exclude brake pads or discs and diagnostics (parts only offered if necessary). If additional parts are required we will advise you accordingly.

All service books are stamped and warranties remain valid. This is according to EU law which stated that aftermarket specialists can carry out services to all vehicles and ensure manufacturer warranties remain. This is called ‘Block exemption’. Please read below for further information on this.

EU Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation (EU) 461/2010 (MVBER)

The motor vehicle sector benefits from its own block exemption or ‘safe harbour’ from competition rules for agreements for the distribution and servicing of motor vehicles in the EU where it can be shown that there are efficiency benefits for business and consumers alike.

A revised MVBER ((EU) 461/2010) and accompanying guidelines came into force on 1 June 2010 and apply to repair and maintenance services only. The MVBER is valid until 2023 though the guidelines can be reviewed at any time by the European Commission.

Following public consultation, the European Commission considered that a specific block exemption is no longer warranted for the sale of new cars and commercial vehicles. The Commission has therefore provided for a three year transition period until 2013 during which the previous MVBER ((EC) 1400/2002) will continue to apply. After this transitional period, the general block exemption on vertical distribution agreements ((EU) 330/2010) only will apply to the sale of new cars and commercial vehicles.
An overview of the competition rules relating to agreements between vehicle manufacturers and their authorised dealers, repairers and spare parts distributors for the distribution and servicing of motor vehicles in the EU can be found at the following link:

European Commission-Competition-Motor vehicles

These rules aim, in particular, to increase competition in the market for repair and maintenance by improving access for the independent repair and servicing sector to the technical information needed for repairs and by making it easier to use alternative spare parts.

The MVBER is directly enforced in the UK by the Office of Fair Trading, (OFT) who has responsibility for the enforcement of competition rules in the UK. The OFT can be approached for advice on any competition related complaint and can advise on any cross border issues.